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Update your Iridium GO

How to upgrade your Iridium GO Firmware?

  • You first need to have your Iridium GO started with more than two battery bars or plugged on a computer or the power grid.
  • You can find the firmware here:
  • You need to have a computer (no tablet or smartphone) connected to your device WIFI network.
  • Enter the address in your Web Browser. You will be asked for a login and password. Use “guest” and “guest”.
  • Go to system. If you are not connected via a computer the system icon will be gray-colored and unclickable.
  • Click on 'Choose File' and choose the saved firmware file from your desktop.
  • Click on upgrade, and wait until the progress/status bar reaches 100% completion.
    This should take approximately 10-15 minutes. NOTE: While firmware upgrade is in progress, do not navigate away from this page.
  • Upon completion, the device will automatically restart, this will take approximately 2 minutes. NOTE: A new progress bar will appear below the firmware upgrade to indicate that the unit is restarting

  • If the device has lost the Wi-Fi connection while updating, ensure to reconnect and launch the upgrade again.
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