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Thuraya Hughes 7100 Factory reset & GPS fix refresh

On this Tutorial you will find how to factory reset and refresh GPS fix for Thuraya Hughes 7100:

Please follow below steps:

Factory Reset:

  • Make sure, that your phone is on

Step 1
Go to "Menu"
Select “Settings"
Select “Reset"
Select “Factory Settings"
Reset to Factory Settings? Press ok and wait for few seconds.

GPS Fix:

Step 2
Make sure you are outdoors in an open area
Go to “Menu”
Select “System Preference”
Select “SAT only” (to use Satellite network only)

Step 3
Go to "Menu"
Select "GPS Manager"
Select "Current Position"
You'll get the word "acquiring" on your screen. Please wait for few minutes (at times up to 15-20 minutes) until you get GPS coordinates on your screen and then return to the main screen you'll get Thuraya + the country you're in.
(In case you don't get Thuraya + the country you're in then proceed to step 4)

Step 4
Go to “Menu”
Select “Network mode”
Select “Manual”

It might take you up to few minutes to complete the process and might need to be repeated the same process more than once. Thereafter Select Thuraya and wait again for few minutes to get registered into the Network.

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