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Iridium GO: Take a call and SMS

Take a call

When registered on the Iridium satellite network, the device can receive calls.
When the device receive a call the following happens:

  1. The device speaker ring
  2. The connected Iridium GO App users are forwarned.
  3. The first software user who answer take the call. The other connected software user will have a red icon indicating someone else has taken the call.


With the Iridium GO applet you can receive and send SMS to/from mobile phone number and mail address.
You can send your message to a mobile phone number or a mail address.
New message to the IRIDIUM GO will be received by all connected users.

In order to send a message in the IRIDIUM GO APP:

  1. Press the MESSAGE icon
  2. Press the ion on the right of message shapped as a letter and a pen.
  3. You can enter the address of your message recipient. Don't forget in international format for phone number.
  4. Finished? Press the letter icon on the bottom right of the screen in order to send your message.

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